Privacy policy

Last update date: 2020 Jul.17

Irodory Inc. ("Irodory","We") operates ("Irodory Services").Irodory establishes this policy of effort to appropriate protection and usage of personal information ("Privacy policy") under Act on the Protection of Personal Information and officially declares this. Irodory puts all efforts into the continuing improvements in its Privacy policy and confirms regularly about adherence of the Privacy policy. The Privacy policy applies to all of Irodory Services. Your use of Irodory Services signifies and confirms your acceptance of Privacy policy.


Irodory collects the following information.

Information you give us:

  • Customer’s information such as customer’s name, address, telephone number, sex, credit card information, and so on. And delivery information such as third-party name, address, telephone number, and so on.
  • History information with regard to string information that can identify you in the case that customer uses the function of Irodory services and in the case that customer applies for the purchase.
  • Customer remarks and the description information about inquiries, participation in the questionnaire and the campaign, use of the bulletin board, evaluation of Irodory services, and so on through a telephone, an e-mail or other means.

Information Irodory gets automatically:

  • Customer’s information with regard to the IP address, the aircraft identify number, the browser information, the operating system, the platform and so on which is used to take advantage of Irodory services. History information about the pages customer viewed and products customer searched or displayed.
  • In addition to the above, customer information that is collected and stored automatically when customer uses Irodory services through cookie and so on.
    Irodory also uses cookie technology to collect additional usage information. A cookie is a bit of data that Irodory sends to User's computer. Irodory uses cookies not for collecting personal information but improving quality and service. User can deny accepting cookies with editing on User's browser option. However in that case, you may not be able to use certain functions on Irodory Services.

Also note:

  • Though Irodory Services have links to other sites this Privacy policy is applied to manage Irodory Services only. When utilizing the other site, please confirm the privacy policy of the other site.


Irodory uses collected information for improved quality, functional improvements and appropriate security measures of Irodory Services.

Data Storage:

  • Irodory maintains and processes personal information on our servers in Japan. Whether user resides outside or inside Japan, information will be kept and stored on the servers in Japan.


Irodory provides personal information to third parties in following case

  • When permission of User is obtained.
  • When processing information regarding service is entrusted to certain trusted third party such as service providers. In that case, third party can access personal information for a limited time. Irodory ensure that third party agrees to build in contractual and technical protections using only for Irodory Services.
  • When Irodory believes it is needs to disclose personal information by legal requirement, appropriate security measures, and other justifiable causes.

Irodory processes non-personal information which does not identify User individually, for purposes such as statistical information, and provides it to third parties such as Business partner.
Irodory will inform notice before Privacy policy is transferred in the case of a merger, acquisition, or sales of assets.


Irodory takes appropriate security measures to prevent illegal access to personal information, any leakage of personal information, and other security risk in quality of safeguarding the confidentiality of personal information. Irodory will promptly disclose the situation and the countermeasure by e-mail or on web site for occurring security problem that have significant impacts on Users.


Irodory provides the interface of which it is possible for Users to modify or delete of registered contents. In this regard, User must agree before registering that Irodory cannot delete registered information completely such as data on the backup tape. In addition, in some situations Irodory ask User to cooperate maintaining User's information accurately.


This Privacy policy may be modified on occasion for any reason whatsoever. New Privacy policy takes effect with posting on the web site by Irodory. User's continued use of Irodory Services after new Privacy policy is posted signifies your acceptance of new Privacy policy. So please check the new Privacy policy including the changes on the web site regularly. Any questions regarding this Privacy policy can be sent to Irodory Privacy Agent or Irodory as below.

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