Make your Crystal Mosaic to get you in the mood and beat the new coronavirus!

Promotion Overview

Specially priced at 100,000 yen (including tax), we will create a crystal mosaic for your family or pet using 5,000-5,100 the highest quality European Crystal glasses of approximately 3mm.

Creation detail

Crystal Mosaic is pasted on the acrylic plate (5 mm thickness) using the double-sided adhesive sheet with laser processing.
A 2mm thick acrylic plate on the back side allows you to sandwich a background photo or design.
The acrylic board can also be screwed to the wall with metal fittings.

Overall Size Outline 1

Overall Size Outline 2

  note) The outline of the overall size will be produced according to the size of the Crystal Mosaic to be produced, the above is just a guide.

Frame appearance

You can add a background.

Production Flow

  • Send a photo (image data) of the Crystal Mosaic you want to create to Irodory via e-mail.
  • Confirmation of the contents (check the Crystal Mosaic production image and agree to it.)
  • Bank transfer (prepayment)
  • Production (We will start production after confirming your payment. We will also send you photos of the production process at any time.)
  • We will send you the finished product (We expect to deliver the product in about a month.)
    note) It will take more time in the case we will deliver to overseas.

Notes on application

Please confirm and acknowledge the following items before applying.

  • There are cases where it is difficult to express a detailed picture such as a landscape in about 5,000 pieces of the highest quality European Crystal glasses, and we may not be able to accept your request.
  • Please note that we are unable to cancel after it has started production.
  • By applying for this service, you are deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use. Please be sure to read the Terms of Use before applying for this service.


If you would like to request a production or have any questions about the content, please contact us at the address below.

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