Terms of Use

Last update date: 2020 Jul.17

Irodory Inc. ("Irodory","We") operates www.Irodory.com ("Irodory Services"). Your access and use of Irodory Services signifies user's acceptance of this Terms of Use agreement, so please read carefully this Terms of Use. Irodory will modify this Terms of Use on occasion. When this Terms of Use is modified Irodory posts the new Terms of Use on the web site and users always review and check the new Terms of Use through the web site. User's continued use of Irodory Services after the new Terms of Use are posted signifies user's acceptance of the new Terms of Use. The Terms of Use are:


When using Irodory Services, users are classified as in the below 2 groups, Visitor, Member. The term "User" refers to a Visitor and a Guest.
Visitor : No information is required. ID, password, name, address, is not required.
Member : Users who manage their purchase and operation history of Irodory Services.


Irodory's privacy policy ("Privacy policy") constitutes one part of Terms of Use. Please review the Privacy policy.


Irodory doesn't claim any ownership rights to User's contents which are posted on Irodory web site by Users. However Irodory may use User's contents, e.g. copy, modify, transfer, reprint, and so on, as necessary for Irodory Services. In that case, User gives Irodory a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license. Irodory owns and retains all the proprietary rights excluding User's contents, e.g. Irodory bland, copyright, in Irodory Services (includes contents) and Users cannot use them without permission from Irodory.
Irodory undertakes to adhere to relevant copyright laws. When Users believe that it is the case of copyright infringement, please send claim to Irodory Copyright Agent or Irodory as below with all of the following:

(1) A physical or electronic document officially declaring the copyright owner or the person authorized to act on its behalf;

(2) Details of the copyrighted information's claimed to have been used without official permission;

(3) Significant information to allow Irodory to locate the claimed information on our server;

(4) Your contact information;

(5) An official statement by you that you have a good reason to believe that the material manner complained of is not authorized for Irodory use by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law;

(6) A statement that the information in the notification is accurate, and, under the laws of perjury, you are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyrighted material. When the infringement of relevant laws is recognized Irodory will remove it.

Copyright Agent


When user accesses and uses Irodory Services, User must agree to the following:

(1) User must be at an age to legally to make a contract with Irodory. User must not access and use Irodory Services where prohibited.

(2) User must not access and use Irodory Services with illegal or unauthorized purposes. User must adhere to this Terms of Use and relevant laws from which User accesses or uses Irodory Services.

(3) User must take sole and full responsibility for not only User's action but also any losses or damages caused by User's action. This responsibility includes indemnifying to third parties (individual and company) and Irodory in the case of occurring the loss and damage.
And Irodory has no responsibility to User or to any third parties for User's action.

(4) User must not to post contents to Irodory Services in the case that User cannot assure correctness of contents or cannot assure contents do not violate relevant laws and the rights of third parties (individual and company).

(5) User must take full responsibility for keeping User's ID and password secure.

(6) Irodory holds exclusive rights that Irodory can refuse to provide Irodory Services, can delete User's account, and can take legislative measures, based on the independent judgment of Irodory whenever User violates this Terms of Use or relevant laws. In this case, Irodory has no responsibility to User or to any third parties and has no obligation to monitor User's actions or fail to delete such contents.

(7) User must not repulse third parties (individual and company) by abuse, harassment, and/or threats.

(8) User must not act in the following:
- unauthorized access
- defacing
- masquerading
- transmitting of worms or virus or any code of destructive nature
- creating or submitting of SPAM mail

(9) Irodory may place advertising on Irodory Services.

5. Purchase and transfer of ownership of the products

When you order the item at Irodory Services, "Order Confirmation" e-mail which includes order confirmation and the description of your order will be sent from the Irodory.com and contract for the purchase of products is established. Irodory cannot accept any Returns & Cancellation after contract formation regards with order-made products. With respect to other products, Irodory will accept return or refund only in cases in which the products are unopened. Irodory will contact customers by e-mail about the details of return and refund after receiving the application from the web site. In addition, Irodory is not subject interest on the refund amount. Ownership of the products purchased in Irodory.com passes to the customer when Irodory hand over the products to delivery companies. In the case the product was lost by the delivery company intentionally or unintentionally before arriving at the destination address, Irodory shall be responsible for the loss.


(1) Althogh Irodory endeavors to ensure the accuracy as much as possible for the contents of Irodory Services, Irodory cannot assure correction and credibility of the contents and do not take any responsibility.

(2) Irodory has no responsibility to User or to any third parties for User's action.

(3) Though Irodory Services have links to other sites, Irodory has no concern with correction, credibility, and rights violation of those sites and makes no warranties to them. Irodory takes no responsibility for other sites.

(4) Irodory has no concern with the following;
- third party's application which is used on Irodory Services
- advertisements which are posted on Irodory Services
- products and services which are provided by advertisers
Irodory makes no guarantees as to correction, credibility, and rights violation of them and Irodory takes no responsibility for them.

(5) Irodory has no responsibility for any losses and damages including, but not limited to contents of Irodory Services, User's action, links to other sites, advertising, third party application, and communication or system failure.

(6) Irodory makes no warranties for the following;
- Irodory Services is provided with no error and no out-of-service.
- Irodory Services fit the User requirement as to service contents and credibility of system.
- Irodory Services provide specificly expected results of the User.
- Irodory is to debug the error on Irodory Services.
- There is no infringement of rights on Irodory Services.

(7) Irodory has no responsibility for User's damage including, but not limited to unauthorized access, defacing, masquerading, worms, virus, or SPAM mail.

(8) Irodory may advise Users about Irodory Services. However Irodory has no responsibility for it.

(9) Furthermore, Irodory disclaims any responsibilities from any other situation, expressed or implied.

(10) Only in cases Irodory has faults, Irodory takes responsibility for User’s human and physical loss or damage by the products which User has purchased through Irodory Services to the extent of the value of it.


User must take sole and full responsibility for disputes between User and third parties (individual and company). Irodory has the right to become involved in User disputes but assumes no obligation for involvement.


User must agree Irodory shall not be liable to User or any third parties for any damages related to User's accessing and using Irodory Services, even if Irodory has been advised or should have been aware of loss and damages.


(1) This Terms of Use and relationship between User and Irodory shall be governed by the law of Japan. User and Irodory agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court to resolve any legal matter arising from Terms of Use and Irodory Services.
submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court to resolve any legal matter arising from Terms of Use and Irodory Services.

(2) If any provision of this Terms of Use is unlawful, void, or unenforceable, it will be possible to remove that provision without affecting other provisions of this Terms of Use.